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Nerd Society
Mentorship Program

This is an annual, intensive and innovative 12-month cohort that delivers a mix of coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities for its participants. It is designed to improve their nonprofit management, sustainability, fundraising capabilities and leadership. Nonprofit leaders who participate receive monthly live virtual mastermind trainings, capacity building development and live support, which enables them to achieve sustainable growth through resources to successfully complete their work.

Participants are guided by experienced consultants working in various areas of nonprofit sector.

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Join our Blacks in Nonprofits Global Membership

Blacks in Nonprofits is a membership organization that offers a wide variety of members-only benefits which supports our mission to connect nonprofit leaders to business providers of color who provides services to create an ecosystem of support resources to build their communities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the fuel that power our success and help move our mission forward. With every new volunteer, BIN grows more energized and better equipped to reach our common goals. BIN offers a variety of ways for our members to get involved globally: