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There wasn’t a exclusive platform for black-led nonprofits anywhere, so I decided to created my own. That’s how Blacks In Nonprofits began. I created a safe space to share the obstacles we face as leaders of color, a community to connect with each other, and obtain the resources, tips, and tools to become successful in the nonprofit sector.
Through our mentorship programs and annual conference designed specifically for Black-led nonprofit leaders to grow their nonprofits. Our conference is now the largest convening of Black-led leaders and black owned business providers who provide services to them.

Today, our mission is to help 1 million Black-led nonprofits leaders gain accelerator tools to build their confidence to operate, secure donors, and create sustainability so they can amplify their impact in the world. We are the largest database of over 27,000 black-led nonprofits leaders in the world.


Rhonika Thomas, (Dr. Rho) Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, her educational background is solid with the following degrees, BA, MA, and PhD. She is considered an expert in the field of nonprofit start up, development, and management, with over 20 years experience as a nonprofit consultant. Dr. Rho has now been deemed a pioneer in the nonprofit sector . In March 2020 she created history as the CEO and Founder of Blacks In Nonprofits, the first platform of its kind in the world.


Programs & Events

BIN Chapter Clubs

Please check out our city chapter locations to join the club nearest you to connect and network with members in your area. 

Nonprofit Nerds Society

Join our Nonprofit Nerd Society to receive weekly mentorship from our experts and exclusive resources throughout the year to increase your nonprofit capacity. 

BIN Travel

BIN Travel division features our Bridge The Gap Program. We take black led nonprofit leaders and help them collaborate with NGOs from a different country to bridge the gap between culture and communication.